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We have been open with limited capacity! We really want our families to feel comfortable deciding what is best for their child concerning the camp. We love and miss our children and will always do our best in our end to keep them protected. We take pride in consistently maintaining a high standard of cleanliness at camp. We have always used Norwax silver antibacterial cleaning supplies, have always disinfected toys and instruments constantly throughout the day with Lysol spray, we are constantly wiping surfaces and floors with disinfectants. We are also taking additional steps to keep everyone safe during this time:

  1. A few questions about Covid Symptoms will be emailed to parents 24 hours before their session begins (if any family members shows signs of Covid your child will not be able to attend Camp MusArt, I am so sorry!)
  2. Limited contact at carpool (Parents are not allowed to come in the building)
  3. Temperatures will be taken with an infrared Thermometer at arrival and midday of every one coming to camp, no runny nose will be allowed to stay!
  4. Teachers and students will be using face shields for indoor classes (each child will be provided with a face shield to be used at camp for their session)
  5. Extra hand washing with anti-bacterial soap and only disposable paper towels, there will be hand Sanitizer in each room
  6. Windows will be open for air circulation, classes, lunch and Snacks will be moved outdoors under tree shades whenever possible, we will have fans going indoors and outdoors
  7. We will cap our groups at maximum 5 children per group
  8. Students will continue rotating activities and remaining with their age group throughout the day, limited interactions between groups (Classes will be sanitized at each rotation)
  9. Students will have their own box of art and craft supplies to use during classes, limiting sharing as much as possible
  10. Friday Recitals will only be outdoors when possible (Will be announced on the Wednesday of your session)

We will follow government guidelines for camps but more than that we will as always go beyond what is required to sanitize our camp and protect our children so it is safe for all of us! If you need to cancel your session please let us know as soon as possible, we are working with our minimum numbers for MusArt to be able to operate.

Please see updates in our website!

We will be constantly re evaluating, this will be the new normal ❤️ Stay Safe and Healthy!

- Samira

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