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At Camp MusArt the safety of your children is our top priority. We take pride in consistently maintaining a high standard of cleanliness at camp. We have always used antibacterial cleaning supplies, disinfected toys and instruments daily, as well as thoroughly wiping surfaces and floors with disinfectants at the end of each day. We are also taking the following additional steps to keep everyone safe during this time:

  1. Any child showing symptoms and/or child with a family member showing signs of Covid will not be able to attend Camp MusArt
  2. Any child and/or family member who has been exposed to a COVID positive person in the last 14 days must wear a mask at all time while attending Camp MusArt
  3. Limited contact at carpool (Parents are not allowed to come in the building)
  4. Any student, parent, or staff member displaying cold, flu, or COVID symptoms will be required to wear a mask at all times while in the building
  5. Extra hand washing between every group rotation (every 30 minutes) with anti-bacterial soap and only disposable paper towels, there will also be hand Sanitizer in each room
  6. Windows will be open for air circulation, classes, lunch, and Snacks will be moved outdoors whenever possible
  7. Students will remain with their age group throughout the day (maximum 8 children per group) with limited interactions between groups
  8. Friday Recitals will be outdoors when possible, in the event of rain or inclement weather, there will be no recital (Will be announced on the Wednesday of your session)

We will be constantly re-evaluating, this will be the new normal ❤️ Stay Safe and Healthy!

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